Management Consulting

Zotera™ is led by a diverse management team with extensive global experience. Our Principals have provided thought leadership to many of the world's most progressive Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Hi-Tech Manufacturing companies.

Zotera™ Offerings

  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Management
  • Program Management
  • Technology Transfer
  • International Contracts
  • Export Licensing, Compliance
  • Business and Corporate Governance
  • Privatization
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Licensing & Regulatory Issues

Zotera™ provides strategic counsel to business owners, corporate boards, and government stakeholders seeking ways to increase shareholder, market, and industry value through improved planning and decision making.

Zotera™ works closely with clients to optimize their long-term performance and value. We will work with clients to evaluate growth plans and identify an optimal capital structure and financial plan. With key relationships across a wide variety of capital sources, Zotera can assists growth companies to access alternative forms of financing.
Our proprietary Business Transformation Methodology offers our clients:

  • A Comprehensive Business Transformation Deployment Strategy
  • Innovative Tools, Techniques, and Methods for Effective Business Improvement
  • High Impact Change Management
  • A Disciplined Approach to Creating Business Agility

Business Transformation Framework


A comprehensive Methodology that helps clients with mission critical decisions as they build or make fundamental change to business strategies, and models.

Employs a multi-dimensional matrix approach focused on several key development areas:

  • Strategy
  • Business Optimization
  • Business Innovation
  • Growth Management
  • Risk Management
  • Program Management
  • Automation

The Framework insists on a rigorous, upfront examination of the business.

It becomes a repository for all strategic initiatives, and artifacts of consequence.

It facilitates the management of relationships between processes, people, policy and procedures.

A Disciplined Approach To Digital Transformation