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Water Treatment


Water Treatment Challenges:

Water Conveyance Challenges:

The global water challenge is incredibly complex and one that becomes more pressing as the world's population grows. Securing ample amounts of water, ensuring it's is secure and that it's supplies are resilient, is a major challenge across the globe. Managing the fragile balance between supply, demand and demographics is a critical infrastructure challenge and will continue to be in the years ahead.

Organizations and systems that operate wastewater management processes have long been dependent upon Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to monitor water processing and redistribution systems. With the increasing amount of distributed assets, maintaining these complex infrastructures is becoming cost prohibitive and error prone.

  • The number of assets to be monitored and connection points often exceeds the scalability of the existing SCADA database.
  • Asset additions, removals, and new connections are becoming much more frequent, and as a result it is increasingly more difficult to guarantee accuracy with the SCADA network model.
  • Underlying data structures are typically not set up optimally to handle complex statistical approaches, critical for recognizing and predicting insights;
  • Most SCADA systems have relatively low fidelity of measurement and data storage ranging from a data point every 10 minutes to an hour or longer;
  • In some cases, SCADA systems cannot reach the field devices due to communication issues, resulting in the inability to capture high fidelity data for that specific period of time; 
  • In the field, SCADA systems require manual mapping of register values resulting in a large number of improperly mapped values as well as a large number of values that are never sent back or received;
  • SCADA systems also pose a huge barrier to real-time scientific monitoring of critical assets, given its current state of data availability and quality.


Water Treatment Solutions:

Water Conveyance Solutions:

The water market is making a shift to a more technologically driven approach as government and private bodies increase pressure to better manage usage, treatment and security. One of the ways municipalities and businesses are tackling these challenges is through using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to increase availability and security. There are massive opportunities for IIoT through gathering data from sensors to do things like better manage flow during peak demand, only run pumps and blowers when necessary, and ensure water and wastewater facilities are secure.

Zotera provides a comprehensive data collection and analytics platform to organize and react to vital information from sensors embedded across the water and wastewater ecosystem. The Zotera platform is hosted on a cloud-based infrastructure designed to integrate leading-edge tools for rapid deployment.

The Zotera platform leverages best in class software applications for remote asset monitoring, energy analytics and water security, and integrates these solutions through APIs. Zotera Analytics, the can inform operators which equipment can be turned down or off entirely, and which loads can be shifted to other time periods. By integrating all of this data, critical decisions relative to assets and facilities can be made at the right time and place in order to optimize security and reliability.



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